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Entry  Thu Jan 23 08:04:04 2014, Steve, Update, VAC, vacuum control screen is blank pd76m170d2dRgaOn.png
    Reply  Thu Jan 23 13:23:10 2014, Steve, Update, VAC, 40m IFO is at atmosphere 
       Reply  Mon Jan 27 09:08:00 2014, Steve, Update, VAC, 4 days at atmosphere day4atm.pngvent76bgTp3d4.png
          Reply  Tue Jan 28 09:51:47 2014, Steve, Update, IOO, low power pointing IOO4dlowpr.png
Message ID: 9570     Entry time: Thu Jan 23 08:04:04 2014     In reply to: 9569     Reply to this: 9571
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: vacuum control screen is blank 


There is BLANK VacControl_BAK.adl screen only. 

I can move a valve by disconnecting it's  solenoid power if it's position is normally open.

I will close V1 and check computer cable connections and move on with manual - hand disconnect ea valve to be moved into the right position for vent. Valve positions will be confirmed by looking manual indicators on valves.

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