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Message ID: 9568     Entry time: Wed Jan 22 20:00:41 2014
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: VENT GO! 

Steve, please begin the vent!!

[EricQ, Jenne]

We have followed the pre-vent checklist, and done everything except check the jam nuts (which Steve can do in the morning).

We are ready to vent, so Steve, please begin bringing us up to atmosphere first thing in the morning.

Here is a copy of the list, from the wiki:



  • Center all oplevs/IPPOS/IPANG
  • Align the arm cavities for IR and align the green lasers to the arms. (Green powers were both ~0.8.  We only touched the Xend PZTs remotely, did not touch Yend).
  • Make a record of the MC pointing
  • Align the beam at the PSL angle and position QPDs (Did not need doing, left QPDs as-is so we keep our long-term trend.)
  • Reduce input power by touching wave plate on the PSL table BEFORE THE PMC.  (HWP was at 269degrees, now at 3 hundred something to make power just before PSL shutter 90mW)
  • Replace 10% BS before MC REFL PD with Y1 mirror and lock MC at low power.
  • Close shutter of PSL-IR and green shutters at the ends
  • Make sure the jam nuts are protecting bellows


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