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Entry  Fri Sep 4 16:09:26 2009, josephb, Summary, VAC, Rebooted RGA computer and reset RGA settings 
    Reply  Tue Jan 21 17:26:59 2014, Jenne, Summary, VAC, Rebooted RGA computer and reset RGA settings 
       Reply  Wed Jan 22 15:24:11 2014, Steve, Summary, VAC, Rga scan after reboot Rgascan169dwarmingup.pngBlankMedmMustBeFixed.png
Message ID: 9565     Entry time: Wed Jan 22 15:24:11 2014     In reply to: 9562
Author: Steve 
Type: Summary 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Rga scan after reboot 


[Jenne, Steve]

Steve noticed that the RGA was not logging data and that not all the correct connection lights were on, and he wasn't able to run the "RGAset.py" script (in ...../scripts/RGA/) that sets up the proper parameters. 

I looked, and the computer was not mounting the file system.  I did a remote shutdown, then Steve went in and pushed the power button to turn the machine back on.  After it booted up, it was able to talk to the file system, so I started ..../scripts/RGA/RGAset.py .  The first 2 times I ran the script, it reported errors, but the 3rd time, it reported no communication errors.  So, now that the computer can again talk to the file system, it should be able to run the cronjob, which is set to take data at 4am every day.  Steve will check in the morning to confirm that the data is there.  (The last data that's logged is 22Dec2013, 4am, which is right around when Koji reported and then fixed the file system).



 We are venting tomorrow. This give us an opportunity to fix sick vacuum controller computer. Jamie volunteered.

Remember to rough down cryo and ion pump volumes. Their pressure can be at 1 Torr range after years of accumulated outgassing.  Without total valve controls it is dangerous to have these air pockets. Some of their  gate valves can be leaking and that would explane the slower pumpdown speed. 


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