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Entry  Sun Sep 14 18:30:32 2008, Alberto, Update, General, ABSL: measured X arm 
    Reply  Sun Sep 14 19:29:07 2008, Alberto, Update, General, ABSL: measured X arm 
Message ID: 946     Entry time: Sun Sep 14 18:30:32 2008     Reply to this: 947
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: ABSL: measured X arm 
Today I measured the X arm FSR.
Hi moved the fast PD (Thor Labs PDA255) from the Y end table to the X end table. I had to use a beam splitter to pick out the transmitted beam from the cavity beam and send it to the PD. I did not want to interpose the BS before the TRANS X PD, so I had to move the ETMXT camera to an other place in the table to gain some room. Now the beam that used to go directly to the camera is 50% split and goes also to the PD. I had to put a lens to focus the beam on the PD. The transmitted beam is currently not aligned to the ETMXT camera, I need to fix the alignment of the BS before.
I'm now doing a rough scan of a frequency range 5 times as large as the FSR. I'll post the results soon.
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