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Message ID: 9406     Entry time: Tue Nov 19 00:18:30 2013
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Green ALS wishlist 

EricQ said that he's going to start hanging out at the 40m a bit, and I was thinking about what I can have him help me with.  This lead to me writing up a wishlist for things that have to do with the ALS system and green lasers.  Some of these are very small tasks, while others are pretty big.  They are certainly not all high priority.  But, they're on my wishlist.


  • How many counts of SLOW_SERVO2_OFFSET is one green FSR (for each arm)?
  • Calibrate ALS OFFSETTER#_OFFSET counts to nm or Hz offset between the end lasers and the PSL.

Automation / script writing

  • Automate finding the beatnotes (requires freq counters)
  • Automate locking the ALS

Digital Acquisition

  • All 3 laser temperatures
  • Frequency counting of beatnotes


  • Install flipper mirrors on the PSL table to switch between trans DCPDs and far-field views of beam overlap for each arm.
  • IR beatnote project - send pickoff of end lasers to PSL via fiber, set up beat detection for each arm, create PLLs.
  • Yarm PZT installation and autoalignment.
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