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Entry  Mon Oct 21 09:46:12 2013, Steve, Update, PSL, Laser just turned on laserTurnedON.png
    Reply  Fri Nov 15 14:08:13 2013, manasa, Update, PSL, PSL Innolight shuts down again 
Message ID: 9397     Entry time: Fri Nov 15 14:08:13 2013     In reply to: 9255
Author: manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PSL Innolight shuts down again 


I have just turned on the PSL Innolight laser. The laser shut down  with unknown reason a day ago.

PSL NPRO shut down again today for reasons unknown. I was working near the IOO rack and noticed there was no light at both the refl and trans PMC cameras. Jenne and I checked the PSL and found the 'OFF' red switch on the laser driver lit up. Switching ON the green button brought the laser back. PMC and MC autolocked after this.

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