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Entry  Wed Nov 13 18:32:04 2013, Nic, Evan, Update, ISS, SR560 ISS loop psl_aom_overhead.jpgaom_driver.jpgloop_on_settings.jpgfxn_gen.jpg40m_iss.pdf
    Reply  Wed Nov 13 19:41:55 2013, Jenne, Update, ISS, ISS AOM 
    Reply  Wed Nov 13 20:02:12 2013, Nic, Evan, Update, ISS, SR560 ISS loop ISS_560_rot.pdfISS_560cal.pdf
       Reply  Fri Nov 15 10:31:45 2013, Steve, Update, ISS, SR560 ISS loop connection ISS.png
       Reply  Thu May 8 02:03:51 2014, rana, Update, ISS, ISS: fuse was blown, repaired, loop back on ISS.pdf
Message ID: 9379     Entry time: Wed Nov 13 19:41:55 2013     In reply to: 9376
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: ISS 
Subject: ISS AOM 

AOM driving from DAC:

I found that the DAC channels for TT3 and TT4 are connected up in the simulink model, but we aren't using them, since we don't actually have those tip tilts installed.  So, we hooked up the TT4 LR DAC output, which is channel 8 on the 2nd set of SMA outputs.  We put our AOM excitations into TT4_LR_EXC.


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