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Entry  Tue Nov 5 19:50:07 2013, manasa, Update, Electronics, IOO rack +/-5V power supplies 
    Reply  Wed Nov 6 15:59:41 2013, manasa, Update, Electronics, IOO rack +/-5V power supplies 
Message ID: 9350     Entry time: Tue Nov 5 19:50:07 2013     Reply to this: 9356
Author: manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: IOO rack +/-5V power supplies 

The power supply to the ADC box on the IOO rack (that reads the beat I & Q signals) was pulled out because it did not run through any fuse and was connected directly to the power supply. 

There were already connections running from the +/-5 V power supply. They were powering the mode cleaner demod board rack. In order to remove the ADC power connectors from the power supply, I notified Jenne in the control room because turning off the power supply would affect the MC. I switched off the +/-5V power supplies at the same time. The ADC power connectors were removed. The +/-5V power supplies were then turned ON again at the same time. Jenne relocked the MC after this.

I have still not connected the ADC to the fuse rack power supply because this requires the +/-5V power supplies to be turned OFF again in order to pull out new connections from the fuse rack and I need to make a new ADC power connector with thicker wires.

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