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Message ID: 9273     Entry time: Thu Oct 24 04:07:32 2013
Author: Masayuki 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: End PDH control signal, X-end PDH servo gain optimization 

Control signal measurement of end PDH control

The Yarm ALS wasn't robust. Yesterdays night, we found that suspension kicked by something and that was the reason why the end PDH control lost lock. To make sure that the PDH loop itself is robust, I measured control signals of End PDH loops. When the gain inclease, the peak at UGF appeared and become unstable. Both arms does not seems unstable before the peaks appear.


 Xarm PDH servo gain optimization

I optimized the x end PDH servo gain with measuring OLTF. Now the servo gain is 5.0. UGF is around 10 kHz and phase margin is 40 degree.


Also I measured out of loop noise. I locked the arm using IR PDH, and measure the ALS error signal. The high frequency noise become better.


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