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Entry  Wed Oct 23 19:14:10 2013, Jenne, Update, PEM, Seismometer status 
    Reply  Sun Oct 27 19:19:42 2013, Den, Update, PEM, Seismometer status TrilliumPlate.PDFGuralpPlate-1_final.pdf
       Reply  Sun Oct 27 23:26:44 2013, rana, Update, PEM, Seismometer status 
Message ID: 9269     Entry time: Wed Oct 23 19:14:10 2013     Reply to this: 9300
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Seismometer status 

As you may recall, Den designed some nice seismometer stations for us with the help of Steve. The granite base was installed : elog 8461. The point of these is to have nice solid bases for our seismometers to sit on, rather than the flimsy linoleum flooring.  Also, they are covered (and will be insulated) to help prevent air currents and temperature fluctuations from affecting our seismometer measurements.  Even though these seismometer stations have been in place for a few months, we are not yet taking advantage of them.  This is a status elog, so that we know what needs to be done.

Recently, Den finished up the design for, and Steve ordered, and we received, the small aluminum plates that go on the side of the granite slabs, so that we can feed the connectors for the seismometer through the baseplate, in an airtight way. 

The current plan is to use one Guralp at each end station, and the Trillium at the vertex.  As of this moment, we have 1 Guralp at ETMY, 1 Guralp at ITMX, and a Streckeisen at ETMX, and the Trillium is sitting to the south of the POX table.

Most of the work that's left to do is just to place the seismometers on the new stations, and to make cables.

I have taken an inventory of all the things that I think we need to buy (or I need to find in the lab) in order for us to finish this project up.

We need to buy a LEMO connector for the T-240 plate. 

We need to buy 6 O-rings:  3 to go between each aluminum plate and the granite slabs, the other 3 between the plate and the milspec connectors for the seismometer cables.

We need to buy or confirm that we have screws to attach the plates to the granite slabs.

We need to buy or confirm that we have screws to attach the milspec connectors to the plates.

I need to confirm that I have another 37-pin dsub for the Xarm Guralp cable, and a 25-pin dsub for the Trillium.

Assuming that I am reusing the existing Yarm Guralp cable, we have all the milspec connectors necessary.

I have a 30m long spool of 19-pair cable that I will use to make the Trillium cable.  I have a long cable, formerly a Streckeisen cable, that I will cut the ends off of, and make into a Guralp cable.  (We had 3 of these incredibly long, maybe ~50m cables - one became the Yarm Guralp cable, one is waiting to be the new Xarm Guralp cable, and the 3rd one is connected to the Streckeisen that we still have).

Work to be done:

* Make long cables for Xarm Guralp and Vertex Trillium.  Check pinouts for the milspec -> dsub connections on each cable.

* Make small cables that go inside of the granite and seismometer station.  These are to connect the sensor to the aluminum plate, and then the long cables go from the plate to the readout box.  Unfortunately, the holes in the granite are not large enough to pass a connector through, so these will have to be soldered in-situ. 

* Plug in the Trillium readout box and confirm that it's working / makes sense.

Longer term modifications and add-ons:

* Lemo connector with wiring for temperature and pressure sensors inside the vertex station.  I believe that Den was looking into what sensors we might want.

* Needle valve for slow pressure equalization on vertex station (all stations should have this, but only the Trillium plate has a hole for this). 

Is there anything else that I'm forgetting??  Please reply with thoughts.


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