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Entry  Fri Oct 4 20:25:12 2013, Masayuki, Update, Green Locking, ALS down script Screenshot-Untitled_Window.png
    Reply  Wed Oct 9 18:45:17 2013, Masayuki, Update, Green Locking, ALS down script modified 
Message ID: 9204     Entry time: Fri Oct 4 20:25:12 2013     Reply to this: 9226
Author: Masayuki 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: ALS down script 

I wrote the down script for ALS. This script is  (script)/ALS/ALSdown.py When this script is running, it watches the feedback signal of the ALS control loop so as to shut down the servo immediately when  the suspension is kicked. 

When  the value of  C1:ALS-X(Y)ARM_OUT  becomes larger than the threshold (right now it is 4500 counts), it changes the servo gain to 0, turns off all filters except for FM5 (the filter for phase compensation), resets the history of the phase tracker of each arm and prints the time on window when the suspension kicked

I put the switch on the C1ALS screen, and if you push this switch the window will open (like when you turn on the c1ass script) and the script start to run. For stopping this script, you have to close that window or press Ctrl + C on that window. This is little bit inconvenient, but we will make autolocker script for ALS and this downscript will be included that script soon. So I think it is enough to protect the suspensions right now.

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