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Entry  Mon Sep 30 23:56:19 2013, manasa, Update, Green Locking, ALS autolocker flowchart ALSautolocker.png
    Reply  Tue Oct 1 09:51:10 2013, rana, Update, Green Locking, ALS autolocker flowchart 
    Reply  Thu Oct 3 10:29:03 2013, masayuki, Update, Green Locking, New ALS autolocker flowchart flowchart.pdf
Message ID: 9179     Entry time: Tue Oct 1 09:51:10 2013     In reply to: 9178
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: ALS autolocker flowchart 

  I think we can use the IMC autolocker to start with getting this started. Once Jamie fixes the NDSSERVER environment variable bug, we should be able to use his more slick automation code to make it auto lock.

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