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Entry  Tue Aug 20 16:23:41 2013, rana, Summary, General, /home/cds nearly full 
    Reply  Wed Aug 21 17:42:03 2013, rana, Summary, General, /home/cds nearly full 
       Reply  Fri Sep 20 20:14:52 2013, rana, Summary, General, /home/cds nearly full 
Message ID: 9147     Entry time: Fri Sep 20 20:14:52 2013     In reply to: 9045
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: /home/cds nearly full 


One of the reasons that our disk is getting full is due to the scripts_archive directory. A backup script runs on op340m and makes a tar.bz2 file of the scripts directory and puts it in scripts_archive every morning at 6 AM.

On Oct 7, 2011, Koji fixed this script to point at our new scripts directory instead of the old /cvs/cds/caltech/scripts directory. Since then, however, no one has fixed the exclude file to NOT back up the junk that's in that directory. Its a 1.6 GB directory so its full of it.

I've deleted a bunch of junk from the scripts directory: this directory is for scripts, not for your personal home movies or junk data files. Put those in your USER directory. Put temporary data files in /tmp/. I've also added a few more patterns to the exclude file so that less .mpg, .png, .pdf, .dat, etc get stored every day. The new daily .tar.bz2 file wil be ~25 MB instead of 770 MB.

(also fixed the backup script to use 'env' to setup the perl environment and removed the hard-coded path to tar)

 OUr disk was getting full again. Turned out my "fix" to 25 MB was only a fix to 250 MB. Since we were getting disk full warnings on our Ubuntu workstations, I deleted some COMSOL.dmg files from users/zach/ and then started deleting every other tarball from the scripts_archive directory. ~221 GB are now free. Still need to fix the exclude file for scripts better.

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