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Entry  Mon Sep 16 13:11:15 2013, Evan, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, Comsol 4.3b upgrade 
    Reply  Tue Apr 1 17:37:57 2014, Evan, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, Comsol 4.4 upgrade 
Message ID: 9130     Entry time: Mon Sep 16 13:11:15 2013     Reply to this: 9770
Author: Evan 
Type: Update 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: Comsol 4.3b upgrade 

Comsol 4.3b is now installed under /cvs/cds/caltech/apps/linux64/COMSOL43b. I've left the existing Comsol 4.2 installation alone; according to the Comsol installation guide [PDF], it is unaffected by the new install. On megatron I've made a symlink so that you can call comsol in bash to start Comsol 4.3b.

The first time I ran comsol server, it asked me to choose a username/password combo, so I made it the same as the combo used to log on to megatron.

Edit: I've also added a ~/.screenrc on megatron (based on this Stackoverflow answer) so that I don't constantly go nuts trying to figure out if I'm already inside a screen session.

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