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Entry  Mon Aug 26 19:54:15 2013, manasa, Update, CDS, c1als model modified mistake-cartoon.gif
    Reply  Tue Aug 27 15:44:08 2013, manasa, Update, CDS, Issues with ALS fixed 
Message ID: 9066     Entry time: Mon Aug 26 19:54:15 2013     Reply to this: 9070
Author: manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1als model modified 

I had made changes to the c1als model a couple of weeks ago. I had removed all the beat_coarse channels that had existed from pre-phase tracker era.

Also, I forgot to elog about it then. This dawned on me only when I found that c1als isn't working the way it should right now.


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