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Entry  Tue Aug 13 21:09:03 2013, manasa, Update, Green Locking, Arms ready for ALS 
    Reply  Thu Aug 15 12:30:17 2013, manasa, Update, Green Locking, Lost beat notes 
       Reply  Thu Aug 15 19:05:07 2013, manasa, Update, Green Locking, ALS out of loop noise ALS_OutLoop.pdf
Message ID: 9008     Entry time: Tue Aug 13 21:09:03 2013     Reply to this: 9014
Author: manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: Arms ready for ALS 

I aligned both the X and Y end green to the arms.

The transmitted green were aligned at the PSL table green optics to the beat PDs.
Beat notes were retrieved.
To do:
1. Check Y arm ALS with previous performance.
2. Troubleshoot X arm ALS.
3. Edit the automation scripts for ALS.
4. Modify ALS model to talk to LSC instead of suspension models.
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