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Entry  Wed Jul 31 17:02:17 2013, Alex Cole, Update, Electronics, Preliminary Photodetector Frequency Reponse Measurements REFL11.jpgREFL33.jpgREFL55.jpgAS55.jpg
    Reply  Thu Aug 1 18:55:20 2013, Alex Cole, Update, Electronics, Preliminary Photodetector Frequency Reponse Measurements POX11.jpgPOX11fit.jpg
Message ID: 8947     Entry time: Wed Jul 31 17:02:17 2013     Reply to this: 8955
Author: Alex Cole 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Preliminary Photodetector Frequency Reponse Measurements 

[Eric, Alex]

We used our setup from yesterday (elog #8940) to measure transimpedance measurements for AS55, REFL11, REFL33, and REFL55, using our Newport 1611 FC-AC as reference. We connected the fibers to their respective telescopes such that the beams focused on their photodetectors, using a multimeter to maximize photodetector DC output. Plots are attached. At first glance, the poles seem to be where they're supposed to be.

Note that the procedure used today is similar to what the eventual automated procedure will be. The main differences are (1) The RF Switch will be used rather than manual switching (2) NWAG4395A will be used to collect data rather than netgpibdata (3) Data will be fit using vectfit4.m and compared to some canonical set.

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