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Entry  Mon Jul 8 16:27:49 2013, Alex, Update, , Planned rack additions Annotated_Rack_1y1.pdf
    Reply  Thu Jul 11 12:00:50 2013, Alex, Update, , Planned rack additions Annotated_Rack_1y1_-_update.pdf
Message ID: 8829     Entry time: Thu Jul 11 12:00:50 2013     In reply to: 8806
Author: Alex 
Type: Update 
Subject: Planned rack additions 

[Eric, Alex]

We mounted our Laser Module and Laser Power Source in rack 1y1. We plan to add our RF Switch and Transformer Module to the rack, as pictured. (Note: drawn-in boxes in picture are approximately to scale.) Note that the panel of knobs which the gray boxes overlap is obsolete and will soon be removed.

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