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Entry  Mon Jul 8 16:27:49 2013, Alex, Update, , Planned rack additions Annotated_Rack_1y1.pdf
    Reply  Thu Jul 11 12:00:50 2013, Alex, Update, , Planned rack additions Annotated_Rack_1y1_-_update.pdf
Message ID: 8806     Entry time: Mon Jul 8 16:27:49 2013     Reply to this: 8829
Author: Alex 
Type: Update 
Subject: Planned rack additions 

Alex and Eric

For the photodetector frequency response automation project, we plan to add modules to rack 1y1 as shown in the attached picture (Note: boxes are approximately to scale). 

The RF switch will choose which photodetector's output is sent to the Agilent 4395A Network Analyzer.

The Diode Laser Module is powered by Laser Power Supply, will be modulated by the Network Analyzer and will be output to a 1x16 optical splitter which is already mounted in another rack (not pictured). 

The Transformer Module has not been built yet.

We would like to install the power supply and the laser module tomorrow and will not begin routing fibers and cables until we post a drawing in the elog.

Also, our reference photoreceiver arrived today.


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