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Entry  Fri Jun 28 02:23:00 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, Need to measure sensing matrix at REFL165 SensMatModel_28June2013_InclREFL165.png
    Reply  Fri Jun 28 12:15:09 2013, Koji, Update, LSC, Need to measure sensing matrix at REFL165 
Message ID: 8781     Entry time: Fri Jun 28 02:23:00 2013     Reply to this: 8783
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Need to measure sensing matrix at REFL165 

[Lisa, Rana, Jenne]

Lisa asked to see a model of the PRMI sensing matrix with REFL165 included, in the hopes that it wouldn't be as degenerate as REFL33.


The conclusion, immediately after looking at this, is that I should make sure the REFL beam is nicely aligned onto the REFL165 PD (Koji did some tests, swapping out the REFL165 resonant PD with a broadband PD, and I don't remember if he aligned beam back onto the REFL165 PD).  Then, I need to measure the PRMI sensing matrix, including REFL165.  Hopefully, it is similar to the model, and we can use it as our 3f diode for locking.

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