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Entry  Tue May 14 01:56:20 2013, Jenne, Update, Green Locking, Xend Green tweaked 
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Message ID: 8694     Entry time: Tue Jun 11 22:16:56 2013     In reply to: 8666     Reply to this: 8703
Author: Manasa 
Type: Summary 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: ALS for X arm 

I discussed with Yuta about the ALS servo and phase tracker and found that there was a lot of information lying around from last year but there aren't any clear elogs on how to enable ALS and obtain IR resonance.


Guide to enabling the ALS servo and find IR resonance:

The steps will explain in detail how to ressurrect the ALS servo for green X-arm and find IR resonance using ALS. The medm screens are very confusing right now.


(i) Finding the beat note

1. Get the IR to flash in TEM00 for the arm and lock it by enabling LSC (Locking the arm to IR keeps the arm cavity mirrors stable so that you can scan the temperature of the X-end laser to find the beat note).

2. Steer the X-green into the arm cavity such that the arm cavity locks in TEM00 for green as well. At this point you should also have the X-green reaching the PSL table.

3. Align the PSL doubled green (PSL-green) and the X-green in near-field (at the camera) and far-field (letting the beams to propagate beyond the Green-TRX PD).

4. Check cabling of the RF beat PD.

5. Change the X-laser temperature by sweeping the offset (C1: ALS-SLOW_SERVO2_OFFSET) in steps of 10.

6. Find the beat note and tune the alignment at the beat PD to maximize the beatnote amplitude. Disable LSC for X arm.


(ii) The GREEN HORNET explained

'Input signal conditioning' block takes I and Q signals after the delay frequency discriminator (DFD) in the beat box and these signals pass through C1ALS_BEATX_FINE filter banks. The output signal then enters the phase rotation matrix of the phase tracker. The phase tracker gives 'PHASE_OUT' which is the error signal that is fed to the ETM servo filter module (DOF filters)  through the 'Input matrix' in the medm. 

An offset can also be fed to the phase tracker which will scan the beat frequency (used to find IR resonance).


(iii) Scripts

1. easyALS.py - This runs from 'ON plus' or 'ON minus' buttons in the C1ALS_COMPACT. 

The script clears history of 'fine_phase' filter module and increases gain of the servo in steps ('ON plus' for positive gain and 'ON minus' for negative gain).

2. findIRresonance.py - This runs from 'IRres' button in the C1ALS_COMPACT.

It adds offset to the phase tracker in steps which scans the beat frequency to find IR resonance.

P.S. Check the scripts before enabling the servo so that the right filter modules are being turned ON. Using the wrong set of filter modules can kick the ETM.


X arm ALS progress:

I found the beat note and got ALS to work reasonably for the Xarm without kicking the ETM. I did this by manually toggling buttons and changing gains. The scripts need editing.

To do:

Modify the scripts to work as we want them to.

The ALS medm is SSSOOOO confusing. It definitely needs to be fixed (remove all unwanted parts of the screen that existed 'pre-phase tracker').

Find IR resonance.

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