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Entry  Wed May 8 18:33:02 2013, Koji, Update, ASS, YARM ASS - faster and more precise convergence YARM_ASS.pngScreenshot.png
    Reply  Wed May 8 22:36:42 2013, Koji, Update, ASS, XARM ASS (YARM ASS - faster and more precise convergence) XARM_ASS.png
Message ID: 8554     Entry time: Wed May 8 22:36:42 2013     In reply to: 8552
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: ASS 
Subject: XARM ASS (YARM ASS - faster and more precise convergence) 

Same ASS setup for the X arm has been done.

Now Arm ASS can run simultaneously.

I reverted the number of the lockin banks from 6 to 8 for future implementation of A2L for the ITMX by coil balancing.
Since A2L for the ITMX is just barely visible for now, I am going to leave the coil balance untouched.

Attachment 1: XARM_ASS.png  1.169 MB  | Hide | Hide all
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