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Entry  Tue Apr 30 19:39:14 2013, Riju, Configuration, RF System, PD frequency response IMG_0511.JPGIMG_0512.JPGIMG_0513.JPGIMG_0514.JPGIMG_0515.JPG
    Reply  Tue Apr 30 21:24:15 2013, Jenne, Configuration, RF System, POX fiber laying 
    Reply  Tue Apr 30 23:04:23 2013, Jenne, Configuration, RF System, Only 4 25m cables ordered 
Message ID: 8513     Entry time: Tue Apr 30 21:24:15 2013     In reply to: 8512
Author: Jenne 
Type: Configuration 
Category: RF System 
Subject: POX fiber laying 

Nice work.  That was a lot of effort, but having done it so nicely will definitely pay off, since it is now much harder to break the fibers.

2 small issues:  In your attachment 3, I see a coil of fiber just outside the POX table.  I thought Koji had asked that all spare coiled-up length of fiber always be at the splitter side.  Also, in securing the plastic tubing as it comes down near the PSL table, you have zip-tied the tubing to the PSL table.  Since that is a space that we need to access to align the Xgreen beatnote stuff, please disconnect that zip tie, and secure the tubing on the north side somewhere, underneath the AP table, rather than the PSL table (when you look closer, you may notice that no cables in that bundle are attached to the PSL side at the bottom, for this same reason). 

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