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Entry  Tue Apr 30 19:39:14 2013, Riju, Configuration, RF System, PD frequency response IMG_0511.JPGIMG_0512.JPGIMG_0513.JPGIMG_0514.JPGIMG_0515.JPG
    Reply  Tue Apr 30 21:24:15 2013, Jenne, Configuration, RF System, POX fiber laying 
    Reply  Tue Apr 30 23:04:23 2013, Jenne, Configuration, RF System, Only 4 25m cables ordered 
Message ID: 8512     Entry time: Tue Apr 30 19:39:14 2013     Reply to this: 8513   8515
Author: Riju 
Type: Configuration 
Category: RF System 
Subject: PD frequency response 

Today I have rerouted the fibers on POX table. The aim was to lay it overhead through the plastic pipe. A pipe ~50ft (~15.5m) long was taken for this purpose. I disconnected the two 25m long fibers for POP55 and POX11 PD (those had been already routed) from both of their ends - i.e. from the POX table and also from 1x16 splitter. Jenne and Koji suggested that we may have another two PDs ( POP22 and POP110) on POX table in future. So we used another 25m long fiber for these two (POP22/POP110). We could not use two fibers for these two since we have only four 25m long fibers and one of them we need for POY11 PD on POY table. Jenne and me put the three fibers inside the pipe using a copper tube. The tube then was put on the overhead rack, Manasa helped me to do it. The fiber ends were finally laid on the POX table at one end and connected to the 1x16 splitter at the other end.

The corresponding photos are attached herewith.

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