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Entry  Wed Apr 24 14:24:40 2013, Riju, Update, , PD frequency response PD_freq_resp.pdf
    Reply  Wed Apr 24 14:36:06 2013, Jenne, Update, RF System, PD frequency response 
       Reply  Thu Apr 25 00:59:37 2013, Riju, Update, RF System, PD frequency response 
Message ID: 8484     Entry time: Wed Apr 24 14:24:40 2013     Reply to this: 8485  
Author: Riju 
Type: Update 
Subject: PD frequency response 

 Here I am attaching the first schematic diagram of the PD frequency response set-up, I will keep updating it with relevant informations with the progress of the work.

Description: Our objective is to set-up one simultaneous transfer-function measurement system for all the RF-PDs present in 40m lab. A diode laser will be used to illuminate the PDs. The diode laser output will be divided by 1x16 fiber splitter and will be sent to all the PDs through single-mode fiber. The transfer function of the PDs will be measured using network analyzer(Agilent 4395A). The output of the PDs will be fed to network analyzer via one RF-switch. The diode laser will be controlled by the controller ILX LDC 3744C. The scanning frequency signal will be fed to this controller from network analyzer through its external modulation port. The output of the controller will be splitted  into two parts: one will go to laser diode and the other will be used as reference signal for network analyzer.



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