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Message ID: 8444     Entry time: Thu Apr 11 11:58:21 2013
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: LSC whitening c-code ready 

The big hold-up with getting the LSC whitening triggering ready has been a problem with running the c-code on the front end models.  That problem has now been solved (Thanks Alex!), so I can move forward.

The background:

We want the RFPD whitening filters to be OFF while in acquisition mode, but after we lock, we want to turn the analog whitening (and the digital compensation) ON.  The difference between this and the other DoF and filter module triggers is that we must parse the input matrix to see which PD is being used for locking at that time.  It is the c-code that parses this matrix that has been causing trouble.  I have been testing this code on the c1tst.mdl, which runs on the Y-end computer.  Every time I tried to compile and run the c1tst model, the entire Y-end computer would crash.

The solution:

Alex came over to look at things with Jamie and me.  In the 2.5 version of the RCG (which we are still using), there is an optimization flag "-O3" in the make file.  This optimization, while it can make models run a little faster, has been known in the past to cause problems.  Here at the 40m, our make files had an if-statement, so that the c1pem model would compile using the "-O" optimization flag instead, so clearly we had seen the problem here before, probably when Masha was here and running the neural network code on the pem model.  In the RCG 2.6 release, all models are compiled using the "-O" flag.  We tried compiling the c1tst model with this "-O" optimization, and the model started and the computer is just fine.  This solved the problem.

Since we are going to upgrade to RCG 2.6 in the near-ish future anyway, Alex changed our make files so that all models will now compile with the "-O" flagWe should monitor other models when we recompile them, to make sure none of them start running long with the different optimization. 

The future:

Implement LSC whitening triggering!

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