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Message ID: 8433     Entry time: Wed Apr 10 01:10:22 2013
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Locking 
Subject: Configure screen and scripts updated 

I have gone through the different individual degrees of freedom on the IFO_CONFIGURE screen (I haven't done anything to the full IFO yet), and updated the burt snapshot request files to include all of the trigger thresholds (the DoF triggers were there, but the FM triggers and the FM mask - which filter modules to trigger - were not).  I also made all of the restore scripts (which does the burt restore for all those settings) the same.  They were widely different, rather than just different optics chosen for misaligning and restoring.

Before doing any of this work, I moved the whole folder ..../caltech/c1/burt/c1ifoconfigure to ..../caltech/c1/burt/c1ifoconfigure_OLD_but_SAVE , so we can go back and look at the past settings, if we need to.

I also changed the "C1save{DoF}" scripts to ask for keyboard input, and then added them as options to the CONFIGURE screen.  The keyboard input is so that people randomly pushing the buttons don't overwrite our saved burt files.  Here's the secret:  It asks if you are REALLY sure you want to save the configuration.  If you are, type the word "really", then hit enter (as in yes, I am really sure).  Any other answer, and the script will tell you that it is quitting without saving.

I have also removed the "PRM" option, since we really only want the "PRMsb" for almost all purposes.

Also, I removed access to the very, very old text file about how to lock from the screen.  That information is now on the wiki:  https://wiki-40m.ligo.caltech.edu/How_To/Lock_the_Interferometer

I have noted in the drop-down menus that the "align" functions are not yet working.  I know that Den has gotten at least one of the arms' ASSes working today, so once those scripts are ready, we can call them from the configure screen.

Anyhow, the IFO_CONFIGURE screen should be back to being useful!

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