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Entry  Wed Mar 27 21:53:21 2013, Annalisa, Update, ABSL, Beat note of ATF auxiliary laser 
    Reply  Thu Mar 28 23:00:30 2013, Annalisa, Update, ABSL, Beat note of ATF auxiliary laser found 
Message ID: 8361     Entry time: Wed Mar 27 21:53:21 2013     Reply to this: 8369
Author: Annalisa 
Type: Update 
Category: ABSL 
Subject: Beat note of ATF auxiliary laser 

After measuring the beat note, the "Alberto" NPRO auxiliary laser has been moved from the PSL table to the POY table. Its beam profile is going to be measured. It's going to be used as green laser on the END table, in place of the broken one.

The auxiliary laser borrowed form ATF lab (which will be used for the ABSL measurement) has been set on the PSL table to make a measurement of the beat note between it and the main laser.

The setup is mostly the same of the previous beat note measurement . In this case, laser input power is 326 mW, so I needed to replace one of the mirrors of the steering optics with a BS 50% reflecting in order to have less than 1 mW on the PD.

Now, the total power on the PD is less than 0.5 mW.

I didn't measure the beat note yet to leave the PSL table as quite as possible for the locking procedures.

To do:

Measure the beat note, fiber coupling the NPRO laser to bring it to the POY table.


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