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Entry  Tue Mar 12 00:35:56 2013, Jenne, Update, Computers, FB's RAID is beeping  
    Reply  Tue Mar 12 12:06:22 2013, Jamie, Update, Computers, FB recovered, RAID power supply #1 dead 
       Reply  Tue Mar 12 14:51:00 2013, Steve, Update, Computers, buy warranty or not ? 
    Reply  Fri Mar 29 17:24:43 2013, Jamie, Update, Computers, FB RAID power supply replaced 
Message ID: 8274     Entry time: Tue Mar 12 00:35:56 2013     Reply to this: 8278   8374
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: FB's RAID is beeping  

[Manasa, Jenne]

Manasa just went inside to recenter the AS beam on the camera after our Yarm spot centering exercises of the evening, and heard a loud beeping.  We determined that it is the RAID attached to the framebuilder, which holds all of our frame data that is beeping incessantly.  The top center power switch on the back (there are FOUR power switches, and 3 power cables, btw.  That's a lot) had a red light next to it, so I power cycled the box.  After the box came back up, it started beeping again, with the same front panel message:

H/W monitor power #1 failed.

Right now the fb is trying to stay connected to things, and we can kind of use dataviewer, but we lose our connection to the framebuilder every ~30 seconds or so.  This rough timing estimate comes from how often we see the fb-related lights on the frontend status screen cycle from green to white to red back to green (or, how long do the lights stay green before going white again).  We weren't having trouble before the RAID went down a few minutes ago, so I'm hopeful that once that's fixed, the fb will be fine. 

In other news, just to make Jamie's day a little bit better, Dataviewer does not open on Pianosa or Rosalba.  The window opens, but it stays a blank grey box.  This has been going on for Pianosa for a few days, but it's new (to me at least) on Rosalba.  This is different from the lack of ability to connect to the fb that Rossa and Ottavia are seeing.

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