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Entry  Fri Mar 1 02:49:34 2013, Jenne, Update, ASS, Arm A2L measurement QUAD1_1046168242.bmp
    Reply  Fri Mar 1 08:19:40 2013, Steve, Update, ASS, drift drift.png
       Reply  Mon Mar 4 09:51:26 2013, Steve, Update, ASS, IP-ANG is still not real  IP-ANG.png
Message ID: 8204     Entry time: Fri Mar 1 02:49:34 2013     Reply to this: 8205
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: ASS 
Subject: Arm A2L measurement 

I haven't finished debugging the scripts so that the measurement is fully automatic, like the MC, but I did measure the arm spot positions just now. 

These numbers aren't especially precise....I just picked numbers off of a StripTool plot, but they give us a good idea of how very far off we are.  Also, I don't know yet which way the signs go...I have to think about that in terms of the direction I mis-balanced the coils.  It's the same convention as the MC though.  You can see in the attached quad camera image (quadrants match the corners of the table) that these numbers aren't unreasonable.

Pit 4 mm Pit 4 mm
Yaw -1.5 mm Yaw 6 mm
Pit -3 mm Pit -3 mm
Yaw 4 mm Yaw -4 mm


EDIT: It occurs to me now, a little later, that it had been at least half an hour since I last realigned the cavities, so some of this apparent miscentering is due to the input pointing drift. That doesn't account for all of it though. Even when the cavities have very high transmitted power, the spots are visibly miscentered.

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