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Entry  Fri Feb 8 18:23:32 2013, Jamie, Summary, General, arbcav of half PRC with flipped PR2 prm23t-modes.pdfprm23t-geometry.pdf
    Reply  Fri Feb 8 19:29:44 2013, yuta, Summary, General, arbcav of half PRC with flipped PR2 
       Reply  Mon Feb 11 17:17:30 2013, Jamie, Summary, General, more analysis of half PRC with flipped PR2 foo.pdf
          Reply  Tue Feb 12 18:25:43 2013, Jamie, Summary, General, half PRC with astigmatic PR2/3 
Message ID: 8041     Entry time: Fri Feb 8 19:29:44 2013     In reply to: 8040     Reply to this: 8059
Author: yuta 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: arbcav of half PRC with flipped PR2 

We need expected finesse and g-factor to compare with mode-scan measurement. Can you give us the g-factor of the half-PRC and what losses did you assumed to calculate the finesse?

Also, flipped PR2 should have RoC of - R_HR * n_sub (minus measured RoC of HR surface multiplied by the substrate refractive index) because of the flipping.
According to Jenne dictionary, HR curvature measured from HR side is;

PRM: -122.1 m
PR2: -706 m
PR3: - 700 m
TM in front of BS: -581 m

Please use these values to calculate expected g-factor so that we don't get confused.


Arbcav with half PRC (flat temporary mirror in front of BS), PR2 RoC = 600m, PR3 RoC = -600m:

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