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Entry  Wed Feb 6 15:11:21 2013, Jenne, Update, Electronics, "Temporary" power supply situation 
    Reply  Wed Feb 6 15:39:19 2013, Steve, Update, Electronics, DC power supplies in cabinets IMG_0066_1.JPG
       Reply  Wed Feb 6 20:00:06 2013, Manasa, Update, Electronics, BNC cables piled up at every corner 109393779.png
Message ID: 8016     Entry time: Wed Feb 6 20:00:06 2013     In reply to: 8013
Author: Manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: BNC cables piled up at every corner 

 [Yuta, Steve, Manasa]

There are cables piled up around the access connector area which have been victims of stampedes all the time. I have heard these cables were somehow Den's responsibility. 

Now that he is not around here:

I found piled up bnc's open at one end and with no labels lying on the floor near the access connector and PSL area. Yuta, Steve and I tried to trace them and found them connected to data channels. We could not totally get rid of the pile even after almost an hour of struggle, but we tied them together and put them away on the other side of the arm where we rarely walk.

There are more piles around the access connector...we should have a next cleanup session and get rid of these orphaned cables or atleast move them to where they will not be walked on.





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