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Entry  Sun Jun 24 00:10:45 2012, yuta, Update, Green Locking, current beat electronics beatsetup20120623.png
    Reply  Wed Feb 6 14:51:25 2013, Jenne, Update, Electronics, 1 power supply replaced! 
Message ID: 8008     Entry time: Wed Feb 6 14:51:25 2013     In reply to: 6862
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: 1 power supply replaced! 


Currently, DC power for amplifiers ZHL-1000LN+ is supplied by Aligent E3620A.
I tried to use power supply from the side of 1X1 rack, but fuse plug(Phoenix Contact ST-SI-UK-4) showed red LED, so I couldn't use it.

 Yuta, Jenne

We fixed things so that we are now using regular fused rack power for these amplifiers.  The fuse no longer had a red LED, but it measured open when we checked the resistance.  Although, somehow (magic?) 13.73V were getting to the other side of the fuse. 

Anyhow, replacing the fuse with a new one fixed the problem right up.

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