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Message ID: 7996     Entry time: Mon Feb 4 22:46:03 2013
Author: Jamie 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: arbcav for SRC with curved TTs 

I ran Zach's arbcav on our SRC with curved TTs and the situation looks much worse than the PRC.

I used the following parameters

SRM: RoC = 142 m, T = 10%
ITM: RoC = 83.1e3 m, T = 1.4%
SRC length: 5.37 m

In this case, with TT RoC of -600, the combined cavity g-factor = 0.9986, and astigmatism from SR3 makes the cavity patently not stable.  You have to go up to an RoC of -710 before the cavity is just over the edge.



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