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Entry  Mon Jan 28 21:36:44 2013, tall guy, Frogs, General, small people on notice 
    Reply  Tue Jan 29 10:59:37 2013, lazy person, Frogs, General, better plan 
       Reply  Tue Jan 29 15:16:18 2013, Manasa, Frogs, General, trial run ErgoMatesFeatures.jpgbooties.jpg
          Reply  Wed Jan 30 16:24:25 2013, Manasa, Frogs, General, trial run 
Message ID: 7967     Entry time: Wed Jan 30 16:24:25 2013     In reply to: 7955
Author: Manasa 
Type: Frogs 
Category: General 
Subject: trial run 



REPLY by JCD:  Are these going to trap dirt and be impossible to clean though?  The nice thing about Crocs and the giant flip flops is that they are solid and if they get dirty you can do a quick wipedown, and they're good as new.

 The Cleanboot is washable and reusable!

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