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Entry  Mon Jan 28 21:36:44 2013, tall guy, Frogs, General, small people on notice 
    Reply  Tue Jan 29 10:59:37 2013, lazy person, Frogs, General, better plan 
       Reply  Tue Jan 29 15:16:18 2013, Manasa, Frogs, General, trial run ErgoMatesFeatures.jpgbooties.jpg
          Reply  Wed Jan 30 16:24:25 2013, Manasa, Frogs, General, trial run 
Message ID: 7952     Entry time: Tue Jan 29 10:59:37 2013     In reply to: 7950     Reply to this: 7955
Author: lazy person 
Type: Frogs 
Category: General 
Subject: better plan 


 I propose we work around this problem with giant flip-flops.  These are in the vein of the take-off-your-shoes-and-put-on-Crocs, without the taking off your shoes part.  They're a little annoying on the sticky mats, but otherwise great.  They are also super easy to put on and take off without hands, so there's no excuse for wearing them around the control room. 

I propose we buy many pairs of the smalls in green (since we already have one green small...they are big on me, so should be just right for most people), and a few mediums in, say, blue, and a few larges in black, and then maybe a few extra larges in green for people with extraordinarily large feet (they only have 3 colors).  Then we can keep a few pairs of each by each door to the lab, and have no more tracking dirty control room filth into the lab.

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