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Entry  Mon Jan 7 16:45:30 2013, Jenne, Update, Alignment, Risers to bring TTs to correct beam height are wrong SR3_7Jan2013_ExtraHoleMachinedAtCorner.JPGTT1_7Jan2013_BasePlateAndRiserHoleMismatch.JPG
    Reply  Tue Jan 8 17:54:34 2013, Jenne, Update, Alignment, Risers to bring TTs to correct beam height are in use 
       Reply  Thu Jan 10 12:22:36 2013, Jenne, Update, Alignment, TT matrix is funny 
Message ID: 7878     Entry time: Mon Jan 7 16:45:30 2013     Reply to this: 7883
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Alignment 
Subject: Risers to bring TTs to correct beam height are wrong 

[Jenne, with backup from Koji and Steve]

Short version:

TT1 was installed without a riser, optic is too low, riser we have doesn't fit, cannot proceed with alignment.  Sadface.

Long version:

I had gotten to the point of checking that the beam coming out of the Faraday was hitting the center of TT1, when I realized that we had forgotten to install the risers.  The TTs are designed for 4" beam height, but we have a beam height of 5.5" in-vac.  This means that the beam out of the Faraday was hitting the top of the optic / the optic holder.

Steve showed me where all of the active TT equipment is stored (down the X arm, almost all the way to the flow bench...there is a plastic tub full of baked items (individually wrapped and bagged)), and I got one of the 1.5" risers.

Upon opening the riser package, and comparing it with the base plate of the active tip tilt, the screw holes don't match!


It looks like for the passive tip tilts, we had holes machined at the far corners of the base plate, then had these risers made.  You can see in the photo of SR3 below that the original holes are there, but we are using 1/4-20 holes at the far corners of the base plate.


Unfortunately, without checking the base plate, I had asked Steve to get 4 more of the same risers we used for the passive tip tilts.  So, now the base plate holes and the riser holes don't match up.  In a perfect world, we would have installed the risers on the TTs as soon as they were baked and ready, and would have discovered this a while ago....but we don't live in that world.

 The reason we had originally chosen to put the new 1/4-20 holes on the corners of the passive tip tilts was so that when we tightened the screws, we wouldn't bend the base plate, due to the groove at the bottom of the base plate being directly under the screws.  Since the new aLIGO TT base plates have the groove underneath going the opposite direction, we didn't need to move the holes to the corners.

Also, you can't really see this from the photos, but the active TT base plate is slightly longer (in the beamline direction) than the riser, but only by a little bit.  Koji is currently trying to measure by how much from the CAD drawings.

Also, also, because of the way TT1 will hang off the table, I'm concerned about the underneath groove on the riser being the direction it is.  I'm concerned that the grooved part will be what wants to touch down on the back corner of the table, such that either the TT is insufficiently supported, or it is tilting backwards.  Neither of these will be acceptable.

I propose that we re-make the risers quickly.  We will have the holes match the active TT base plate, the size of the riser should match the size of the active TT base plate, and the underneath groove should be perpendicular to the way it is in the current version.

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