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Entry  Sat Nov 17 03:30:13 2012, Den, Ayaka, Update, Alignment, red in arms 
    Reply  Sat Nov 17 18:02:14 2012, Den, Update, Alignment, red in arms 
       Reply  Sat Nov 17 22:50:17 2012, Koji, Update, Alignment, red in arms 
       Reply  Mon Nov 19 15:12:52 2012, Jenne, Update, Alignment, Yarm locked IR 
Message ID: 7722     Entry time: Sat Nov 17 22:50:17 2012     In reply to: 7721
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: Alignment 
Subject: red in arms 

You have constraints for the IR beams (i.e. one PZT and one BS for 8 dofs), so now you need to align the arms for the input IR beams.
The PZT and BS should be aligned so that you have the beam spots as center as possible with the above restrictions.

Then realign end greens for the given arm alignment. You can replace the mounts if necessary to align the end green.
Even if you lose the coarse alignment of the green, realignment is not difficult as you know now



POY11 does not go out of the vacuum

 It does but slighty low and does not get on mirrors. We need to change optic mounts to adjust the height. Red is flashing in yarm at 00 and 10 modes. TRY is ~0.4-0.5.

I've adjusted BS angle, camera and TRX PD at ETMX table so I can see red flashing at 03 mode while green is locked to 00 and its transmission is maximized. I thought that by adjusting BS angle, I will be able to align red to 00 not disturbing green, but this was not the case. Maximum TRX I could get was 0.1. I've adjusted POX to get into PD and I can see PDH signal though I can't lock as cavity is still misaligned for red.


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