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Message ID: 7710     Entry time: Wed Nov 14 00:56:19 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: WFS on, PZT2 ~set, AS camera back 

WFS are back on, and working nicely.  Den and I had seen a problem (which I had seen before) that when you turn on the integrators in the WFS loops, the MC Refl value gets worse (goes up).  Koji reminded me that he had a nice elog (7452) on how to get the MC awesome.  Ayaka and I last night stopped after Step 7.  Step 8, zeroing the WFS offsets, is the secret important thing that I keep forgetting.  I ran the script /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/MC/WFS/WFS_FilterBank_offsets, then turned on the WFS loop, and the WFS are working just fine now.   

I'm back to wishing that I had control over PZT1.  I went back and forth for a while between 1Y4 and the ETMY table to get the IPANG beam centered on the QPD.  Initially, the beam was coming out of the vacuum a little high.  The digital HV power supply is pitch, and the analog HV power supply is yaw.  When I get the beam reasonably well centered on IPANG, with a beautiful, non-clipped, beam, the beam is much too high on IPPOS.  The beam barely hits the top of the first out of vac steering mirror, and then is too high on the QPD.  It looks like (based on the sum value) that the beam is on the diode, just entirely in the upper 2 quadrants.  But if I try to fix this, since IPANG has a longer lever arm, the IPANG beam doesn't come out of the vacuum.  I have compromised by getting the beam on IPANG, centered in pitch and ignoring IPPOS pitch.  For yaw, since moving PZT2 only makes one of POS or ANG good at a time, I split the difference, so the beam is not really centered in yaw on either, but it's close on both.

AS beam is back on the camera.  I forgot that, especially since the beam at REFL is pretty bright, I had moved the AS and REFL cameras out of the beam so we didn't crispy-fry the CCDs.  Therefore, the camera spots are no longer a reference of spot position. We can still eyeball the position on, say, the 2" lens, but that's not any kind of accurate.  I put the AS camera back to it's normal place, so the AS beam is going toward AS55 and AS110, and a little bit is going to the camera.  I have not yet aligned the beams actually on to the PDs.

REFL beam is dumped by a razor dump after the 2" lens.  Manasa did some work (elog 7666) to the REFL path, and I'm not 100% sure how it was before, so I leave it to her to please work on during the day tomorrow.  I think we need to put back the Y1 that used to be there, but I don't know where the optic is.  I put a yaw dither on the PRM with awggui, and saw the REFL beam moving at my 2Hz dither frequency, so this time we actually have a useful beam coming out.

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