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Entry  Mon Nov 5 19:38:52 2012, jamie, jenne, ayaka, den, Update, Alignment, more alignment woes 
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       Reply  Tue Nov 6 17:22:51 2012, Manasa, Jamie, Update, Alignment, Alignment- POY and oplevs 
          Reply  Wed Nov 7 00:10:38 2012, Jenne , Update, Alignment, Alignment- POY and oplevs. photos. 
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Message ID: 7677     Entry time: Wed Nov 7 00:10:38 2012     In reply to: 7675     Reply to this: 7678   7679
Author: Jenne  
Type: Update 
Category: Alignment 
Subject: Alignment- POY and oplevs. photos. 
Can we have a drawing of what you did, how you confirmed your green alignment as the same as the IR (I think you had a good idea 
about the beam going to the BS...can you please write it down in detail?), and where you think the beam is clipping? Cartoon-level, 20 
to 30 minutes of work, no more. Enough to be informative, but we have other work that needs doing if we're going to put on doors 
Thursday morning (or tomorrow afternoon?).

The ETMs weren't moved today, just the beam going to the ETMs, so the oplevs there shouldn't need adjusting. Anyhow, the oplevs I'm 
more worried about are the ones which include in-vac optics at the corner, which are still on the to-do list.

So, tomorrow Steve + someone can check the vertex oplevs, while I + someone finish looking briefly at POX and POP, and at POY in 
more detail.

If at all possible, no clamping / unclamping of anything on the in-vac tables. Let's try to use things as they are if the beams are getting to 
where they need to go.  Particularly for the oplevs, I'd rather have a little bit of movement of optics on the out-of-vac tables than any 
changes happening inside.

I made a script that averages together many photos taken with the capture script that Rana found, which takes 50 pictures, one after 
another. If I average the pictures, I don't see a spot. If I add the photos together even after subtracting away a no-beam shot, the 
picture us saturated and is completely white. I'm trying to let ideas percolate in my head for how to get a useful spot. 
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