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Message ID: 7676     Entry time: Tue Nov 6 18:39:16 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: digital noise 
Subject: ifo checking system 

Matlab version of ifo digital noise estimation code is almost ready. It estimates digital noise introduced by each filter bank in each model. I'm waiting for NDS group to complete function to download online data to Matlab. Now code downloads data from the past that is not great because not all _IN1 channels are recorded and some of them are recorded at lower frequencies.

There might be some useful functions in this code for other applications as I've heard during the meetings. This is what it does

  • reads model names from the input list
  • for each model
    • finds corresponding Foton file and extracts modules with sos filters and sampling rate of the model
    • finds corresponding MDL file and makes a search for subsystems with "top_names" tag and "biquad=1" tag
    • creates _IN1 channel names using module names and subsystems with "top_names" tag
    • for each channel inside the model
      • reads filter bank parameters (which filters are ON, switches, limit, offset...)
      • downloads data
      • calculates output and estimates digital noise
      • checks that output is less them limit if it is on
      • reports if something is wrong

NDS group plans to release the function to download online data this week. Hopefully, it will be possible to download ~30 channels at a time. Code will need a few minutes of data for each channel. So it will be possible to check the whole ifo during the night.

At this point I've checked 40m using DQ channels. We have ~40 IN1_DQ channels with non-empty filter banks. These are osems channels. Digital noise is low for them.

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