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Entry  Tue Jul 29 13:54:08 2008, rana, Update, SUS, ETMY and PRM have EQ related problems Untitled.png
    Reply  Tue Jul 29 14:38:02 2008, rob, Update, SUS, ETMY and PRM have EQ related problems 
       Reply  Tue Jul 29 19:53:19 2008, Koji, Update, SUS, PRM photos from the south window PRM_from_South_Window1.jpgPRM_from_South_Window2.jpg
Message ID: 759     Entry time: Tue Jul 29 19:53:19 2008     In reply to: 756
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: PRM photos from the south window 
Steve and Koji

We took some photos of PRM from the south window.
You can see one of the side magnets, a wire stand-off, and the wire itself from the round hole.
So, the wire looks OK.

For the coils, we could see only one coil. The magnet is apparently too high.
Attachment 1: PRM_from_South_Window1.jpg  200 kB  Uploaded Tue Jul 29 20:54:30 2008  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: PRM_from_South_Window2.jpg  286 kB  Uploaded Tue Jul 29 20:54:39 2008  | Hide | Hide all
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