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Entry  Tue Oct 16 16:46:20 2012, Vent Czar and Czarina, Summary, General, vent stuff 
    Reply  Tue Oct 16 17:13:23 2012, Czarina, Summary, General, vent stuff - 4 paths 
Message ID: 7560     Entry time: Tue Oct 16 17:13:23 2012     In reply to: 7558
Author: Czarina 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: vent stuff - 4 paths 

I see 4+ possible paths for us to take, in terms of a possible vent in the next few weeks:

No Vent - Just do FPPRMI, using AS55

Mini Vent - Fix REFL path, nothing else.  ~1 day at atmosphere

Medium Vent - Fix REFL path, swap G&H mirrors for LaserOptik mirrors (so also resuspend passive TTs, maybe add pitch adjustment option). ~1 week or so at atmosphere - do this rather than Mini if Jan's Finesse calc says the G&H mirrors are too rough

Mega Vent - Fix all the things, do all the things.  Long time at atmosphere

The "+" is to take into account all the possible variations on "medium vent".  The No, Mini and Medium options assume we'll do the Mega option later, just not immediately.

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