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Entry  Tue Oct 16 16:46:20 2012, Vent Czar and Czarina, Summary, General, vent stuff 
    Reply  Tue Oct 16 17:13:23 2012, Czarina, Summary, General, vent stuff - 4 paths 
Message ID: 7558     Entry time: Tue Oct 16 16:46:20 2012     Reply to this: 7560
Author: Vent Czar and Czarina 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: vent stuff 

We're discussing the plan for the next vent.  Now that we have all the tip-tilt stuff in hand, we should get ready for the big TT installation vent ASAP.  The question is what remains to be done, and when can we be ready

Stuff that needs doing:

* characterize TTs, check electrical connection of quadrupus cables, bake cables and base plates - a week or so (not including baking)

* phase map of LaserOptik mirrors (decide on needed resolution) - a week or so?

* get ready to swap G&H mirrors with LaserOptik mirrors (PR2, PR3, SR2, SR3)

* assembly of black glass beam dumps - one afternoon

* green periscope moving - day or so to make sure greens are resonant in arms, so we have something to align to

* redraw of REFL path?? (rotate 2nd refl mirror to reflect beam to the east, then add mirror to get beam out of IOO chamber viewport), cut hole in BS oplev table's box, install black beam tube

* FI camera mount - make sure it's here, baked

* active TT pitch damping plan

* passive TT weight addition and pitch alignment plan

* camera plan for taking in-chamber photos without touching the tables

* look at layout of ITMY table.  POY pick-off too close to main beam.  Can we move POY pick-off to BS table?

* remount black glass baffles on SOS cages.


Stuff to bake:

* Quadrupus cables

* TT base plates

* FI mirror mount for FI camera

* stuff to add to active TTs

* stuff to add to passive TTs


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