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Entry  Sun Oct 14 16:44:20 2012, Den, Update, PEM, ETMX table DSC_4742.jpg14OCT2012.pdf14OCT2012.xml
    Reply  Sun Oct 14 17:26:03 2012, Den, Update, PEM, ETMX table etmx.pdf
       Reply  Sun Oct 14 20:51:20 2012, Den, Update, PEM, AA board acc.pngDSC_4747.JPG
          Reply  Mon Oct 15 10:14:22 2012, Den, Update, PEM, AA board 
Message ID: 7543     Entry time: Sun Oct 14 20:51:20 2012     In reply to: 7542     Reply to this: 7546
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: AA board 



 But every ~40 min ETMX motion is much higher then ground motion at low frequencies (<5 Hz). I wonder if this a reaction of a table to outside disturbances or accelerometer issue. 

 This could come from AA board, its range is +/- 2.5 V, RMS of the ETMX table motion is a few times higher then ground motion, so ETMX accelerometer signal was corrupted.


As this small AA range has already caused problems before, I decided to increase it. I've looked through the board scheme and found that all its differential line receives and output amplifiers have absolute maximum range of 40V. We used KEPKO power supply for this board with a voltage range up to 6 V. So I've replaced it with a BK PRECISION power supply and set it to +/- 15 V. Now AA board range is 7.5 V.


I'll leave accelerometers near ETMX table. It's interesting to measure table motion in the morning when trucks drive by.

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