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Message ID: 7527     Entry time: Thu Oct 11 11:20:05 2012
Author: janosch 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: beam shape simulation, PRC 

I started to create a Finesse model of the PRC cavity. We have the phase maps for the PRC and the two ITMs. I could not find anything for PR2,3 and BS. All files can be found in my SVN folder /janosch/PRC40m. I used the AutoCAD model to determine angles of incidence and distances. These numbers are largely inconsistent with numbers that you can find elsewhere on the 40m wiki, but this certainly depends on what accuracy is required for interferometer alignment and I don't understand anything about alignment.

The phase maps come in a format that needs to be modified before they can be used in Finesse. I have started with this work, but maybe someone else can take over. The phase maps show tilts and the PRC also has the curvature. These have to be subtracted out before the maps can be loaded into Finesse. I asked GariLynn for the code that they use. The Finesse model (MichPRC_40m.kat) does not load the phasemaps yet, and I just wrote some random parameter values for the TEM00 input beam to the PRC. So these Gauss parameters need to be corrected.

I will only go on with this work if Rana tells me that I should do so, otherwise it is on hold until we have a volunteer.

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