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Entry  Wed Oct 10 15:31:59 2012, Rijuparna, Update, , cavitymode scan 
    Reply  Wed Oct 10 15:46:23 2012, Jenne, Update, , cavitymode scan 
Message ID: 7519     Entry time: Wed Oct 10 15:31:59 2012     Reply to this: 7520
Author: Rijuparna 
Type: Update 
Subject: cavitymode scan 

 Rijuparna, Jenne

Today I checked the optical lay-out in MC REFL board of the MC REFL path on the AS table (I will put the updated diagram in a few hours), and took a record of the reflected power of unlocked MC and power entering MC REFL PD. The power coming out of MC cavity when unlocked is 1.25W and power entering REFL PD 112mW (Jenne measured these powers for me). 

I also got a description of the MC demodulation board from Jenne.

(Edits by Jenne)

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