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Entry  Mon Oct 1 19:21:03 2012, rana, Configuration, PEM, changed PEM DQ channels 
    Reply  Fri Oct 5 01:36:49 2012, Den, Configuration, PEM, changed PEM DQ channels 
Message ID: 7488     Entry time: Fri Oct 5 01:36:49 2012     In reply to: 7459
Author: Den 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PEM 
Subject: changed PEM DQ channels 


We should do this wherever possible so that our channels will have real calibrations associated with them.

Next we should up the rate at which the model runs up to 16 kHz so that we can record the microphones at 16 kHz. FM radio has information up to 20 kHz. AM radio goes up to ~8 kHz. We should be at least as modern as AM radio. How do we make the change? How do we make sure the FOTON file stays OK?

 I've added calibration gains to Guralp (to um/sec) and EM172 (to Pa) channels.

We can run PEM at 16 kHz. I think Foton file stores both sos-representation and filter commands which are independent of the sampling frequency, so it should be possible to change model sampling frequency quickly.

In fact, we can save data at 64 kHz from iop models. I've done this once with MC_F channel. However, I did not test EM172 noise at frequencies > 1 kHz.

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