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Entry  Thu Oct 4 08:39:58 2012, Steve, Update, General, power outage Oct4R2012.png
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       Reply  Fri Oct 5 14:40:55 2012, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan after power outage afterpoweroutaged10.pngpd73m10d.png
Message ID: 7476     Entry time: Thu Oct 4 08:39:58 2012     Reply to this: 7477
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: power outage 

There had to be a power outage. Laser and air condition turned back on. The vacuum is OK

Sorensen DC power supplies were tripped, so they were reset: at AUX OMC South 18V and 28V for RF PS and at 1X1 24V


Power Outage confirmed:

** Notification **








Building:         Campus


Date:             Thursday October 04,2012


This morning at 2:17 a.m. much of the City of Pasadena including our Campus experienced a electric power sag of short duration, approximately 1/10 of a second. The cause was a fault on one of Pasadena’s 17KV circuits. Some sensitive equipment have been impacted.


Contact:          Mike Anchondo x-4999


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