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Entry  Thu Sep 27 13:05:55 2012, Eric Gustafson, Update, LSC, 40 meter photodiode frequency response measurement system installation 
    Reply  Thu Sep 27 16:26:11 2012, Steve, Update, LSC, RF fibre protection in cable trays 
Message ID: 7445     Entry time: Thu Sep 27 13:05:55 2012     Reply to this: 7447
Author: Eric Gustafson 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: 40 meter photodiode frequency response measurement system installation 

Jenne, Mike and I installed all of the post holders we could today including: REFL11, REFL33, REFL55, AS55, MCRef, POX11 and POP55.  We did not install AS110, POY or REFL165 because there are interferences that will require moving stuff around. We also did not mount POP22 because it is a peely wally ThorLabs PD that will be replaced by a strong, straight and right thinking LIGO PD in the fullness of time.  We did move it out of the way however which is no more than it deserves. Next step this afternoon Mike and I will install all of the telescopes and launching hardware.  Then with the help of Steve we will begin routing the fibers.  The splitter module will be here by next Monday, the laser by the following Friday and then we will light up the fibers. 

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